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Partner with us to create compelling audiobooks from your written material. Your work will get depth, nuance, and passion from our wide pool of gifted narrators and voice artists.

Why Go For Audible Publishing?

The transition of Amazon from an online bookstore to a massive internet company has completely changed how we consume material. For publishers and writers, one interesting development is Audible, Amazon's audiobook platform. You can simply turn your existing Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) e-book into an audiobook using Audible to reach a larger listening audience.
Through our audible book publishing, you can increase sales, broaden your audience, and improve book accessibility. Through this, you are giving your readers the choice to listen to your book while they're at home or on the road will allow you to reach new audiences that enjoy audiobooks and provide another revenue stream through this new avenue for sales.

Expand Your Book's Reach with Captivating Audiobooks

Even if reading books by hand is still popular, audiobooks provide a novel method to engage with narratives. For those who would rather listen, they introduce the world of books and breathe fresh life into old literature. People with visual impairments, busy people, and commuters can all enjoy stories due to the power of audible publishing.

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Allow Green Leaf Publishers' Amazon audible publishing to assist you in turning your written works into captivating audiobooks that will appeal to listeners as much as ardent readers. Your stories come to life with the help of our gifted narrators and voice actors, who add depth, emotion, and subtlety to produce engaging audio experiences that stick with listeners.

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3 Key Steps to Transform Static Text Works into Sounding Digital Audio

Narrator Selection

Our skilled casting directors will carefully analyze your book's genre, tone, and intended audience to choose a narrator whose voice best suits your writing. You can select the voice that best suits your project from among the narrators we'll provide so your story will sound just as you had imagined.

Production and Recording

In our state-of-the-art studios, our skilled narrators methodically record their compelling performances. After that, our audio professionals meticulously edit and master the tape to guarantee the best possible clarity, consistency, and an exceptional listening experience.

Formatting and Distribution

To guarantee a flawless listening experience, we professionally format your audiobook in accordance with Audible's exacting technical requirements. This includes following file size and audio quality specifications, adding chapter markers, and tagging information. We can also offer advice on submitting your audiobook to Audible for playback.

Have A Look At What Our Clients Say About Our Work

We have been flooded with so many compliments from the clients we worked for. We have mentioned a few of them:

Jessica K.

“My e-book became an incredibly memorable audiobook thanks to Green Leaf Publishers. The audio quality is excellent, and their choice of narrator was perfect. Now, a whole new audience can hear my story.”

Dr. Ben L.

“Their audible publishing services made turning my non-fiction book into an audiobook very easy, even though I was apprehensive about it. They provided significant advice on narrator selection and screenplay adaptation. My work is now available in a completely new manner.”

Michael P.

“I didn't have the time or experience to create my audiobook because I was a busy writer. Green Leaf Publishers handled everything. My audiobook is doing really well on Audible after they found the ideal narrator and took care of all the technical details. ”

Emily R.

“Green Leaf Publishers' meticulous attention to detail was crucial. My audiobook sounds clean, clear, and expert, thanks to their audio engineers. I'm happy to see such a well-executed product available on Audible. ”

Sarah H.

“Green Leaf Publishers made it possible for me to fulfill my ambition of writing audiobooks. Their staff was helpful, informed, and productive during the manufacturing process. I heartily endorse using their services. ”