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Green Leaf Publishers ghostwrite amazing children's books that surpass your expectations. Our children's book writing can be effective for this genre particularly.

The Magic of Our Children's Book Writing

We at Green Leaf Publishers believe that stories can spark kids' imaginations and help them love reading for a long time. Our group of ghostwriters for children's books knows how to write magical stories that kid readers will love. We use age-appropriate, clear, and interesting words to write interesting and fun stories. We teach kids important lessons and ideas in a fun and educational way so they can have fun while they learn and grow.

Explore What We Do For You
  • Pattern books, alphabet books, counting books, and timeless favorites like myths, legends, and folktales.
  • Fantasy worlds, historical journeys, and stories that inspire and teach.
  • Inspiring biographies, poems, and autobiographies that celebrate real-life heroes.
Why Choose Us For Children's Books?

We know that writing for kids needs a certain touch. We carefully create stories to keep kids' attention by using easy language and themes that kids can relate to and enjoy. We think the best children's books make kids feel like they can explore the world and teach them to learn for a lifetime.

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Green Leaf Publishers

Our Published Work

Please have a look at our most recent work in children's book writing services to help you decide what we can offer:

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Have A Look What Our Clients Say About Our Work

We have been flooded with so many compliments from the clients we worked for. We have mentioned a few of them:

Ella F.

My kids love the bedtime stories I wrote with Green Leaf Publishers so much. The author took my frivolous ideas and made them into a magical story with comedic characters that you can't take your eyes off of.

David R.

It was great to work with Green Leaf Publishers. They got what I wanted to do with my historical fantasy book for kids and even helped me find an artist to bring my characters to life. My daughter is now totally interested in history.

Sarah K.

I wanted to write a fun book that taught kids how to share and be friends. Children's book writing services from Green Leaf Publishers got my point across correctly and came up with a cute and interesting story. My kids always ask me to read it to them again and again.

Mike B.

I've never written anything, but I've always had an idea for a picture book. It was so easy with Green Leaf Publishers. They asked me the right questions to get me thinking creatively. Now, I have a lovely book that so many kids love.

Jessie P.

My son has trouble reading, but the book we made with Green Leaf Publishers got him interested. We are proud to have our name on it as authors. The story is easy, and the pictures are bright.