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You need catchy lyrics, beats, and a marketing plan that will get people talking. We're the best rap ghostwriting agency out there.

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Our group of rap ghostwriters is here to help you get ahead in the music business. We can help you write catchy songs, find the right beat, or come up with a marketing plan that will get people talking. You can be sure that your music will sound new and current because we love hip-hop and keep up with the latest trends in the genre.
Need a rap song written from the ground up? Maybe you have a concept but need help fleshing it out, or perhaps you have a song that just needs that extra polish before it's ready to hit the airwaves. Our experienced ghostwriters will work closely with you to turn your ideas into professional tracks that capture your unique voice and style.

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At Green Leaf Publishers, you can get your rap edited, written, or rewritten through our exclusive rap ghostwriting services. Regardless of what the type of rap content may be, our experienced ghostwriters deliver the best rap that benefits the music industry and the professionals included within.

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We believe that everyone deserves a chance to create amazing music. That's why Green Leaf Publishers offers rap ghostwriting services at affordable prices.

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  • Respect for Deadlines
  • • Quality and Affordability

Get The Flawless Rap Tracks You Deserve With Green Leaf Publishers' Expert Ghostwriting Team

Our rap ghostwriting services are known for so many things, such as:

1Skills & Experience

Our rap ghostwriters don't write only – they're music makers. They have the technical skills to craft fire beats, write memorable lyrics, rap with style, and ace the marketing side of things. If you're searching for a team to help you realize your full creative potential, we won't disappoint.

Time Efficiency

We understand you want your music out there now. Our professional hip-hop ghostwriters balance quality with speed. We work efficiently to meet your deadlines without ever sacrificing the quality of your tracks. Plus, we respect your privacy – we write for you, but you get all the credit.

Set Trends

We believe in making music that stands out from the crowd. Our talented rap ghostwriters and producers stay on top of the latest trends and know how to infuse your music with a fresh, authentic sound that people will love. We are about helping you set the bar, not just reach it.

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We have helped many passionate rap artists in ghostwriting their lyrics. Have a look at what we have achieved:

Our Rap Ghostwriting Services Will Help You Write The Next Super Hit Song!

Have A Look At What Our Clients Say About Our Work

We have been flooded with so many compliments from the clients we worked for. We have mentioned a few of them:

Jane Doe

Green Leaf Publishers' rap ghostwriting services finally helped me make songs out of my ideas. Their writers helped me organize my ideas and write songs that made sense. I always had the flow in my head. They took my freestyle ideas and turned them into catchy lyrics. They also helped me come up with a great hook for my song. I'm finally sure of myself when I play my own songs.

Michelle Miller

I needed fire beats, killer lyrics, and a plan to get my music heard. Green Leaf's team did a great job in every way. They helped me find a producer whose beats were a great fit for my style. Then, their ghostwriters wrote lyrics that were creative and spoke to my audience. Lots of people are talking about my new song, and local artists are already interested in working with me.

Avery Smith

The writers at Green Leaf Publishers helped me find my own voice and style, but I'm not the best rapper in the world. They helped me come up with a unique flow that felt natural and then they helped me write words that were true to my life. It wasn't just catchy that my last song was real, and the words hit home with my fans in a way I didn't expect.

Kris P

They got my goals for my music right away and helped me take it to the next level during our first meeting. They helped me come up with new ideas for my songs and then wrote words that were fresh and new. Soon, my new mix tape will be out. I would not have been able to do it without their help and advice.

Christina Thompson

The ghostwriters at Green Leaf Publishers made me feel like a real team member, not just a client. They carefully listened to my ideas and helped me make them better. Then, they used their skills to make something truly original. We went back and forth on drafts until we had lyrics that said exactly what I wanted to say.