Cinematic Book Trailer Video Production Services

Experts at Green Leaf Publishers create video book trailers to capture new and existing readers. The promotional video should be a rewarding experience with regard to higher sales and more readers.

Converting Your Work into A Gripping Video: How Do We Do It?

Before sending us an email with your book's concept, storyline, summary, plots, and subplots compiled in a PDF file, let’s discuss the process in detail.
Making a book trailer video is not an easy task. It requires time to finalize photos, manage themes, and modify font and colors. Designers must focus on various aspects while converting the summarized text into an attractive video. The aspect ratio is important to manage; most videos are designed in square format.
Bring your book to life with a gripping video trailer that captures the essence of your story. Our team of experts converts your work into a dynamic and visually stunning video that hooks viewers and drives engagement. Experience the power of a book video trailer today.

Highlight your Narrative Arc with Theatrical Book Video Trailers

A preeminent book trailer should be terse and fun to view; the graphics and literature should reflect a clear picture of the entire plot. Ensure that your book trailer is worth watching.

Add Mesmeric Effects to Book Trailer Videos

A Detailed Process That
Defines Professional Excellence!



Analyzing and creating a gist is one of the most important parts of a book video trailer. The relevant information should create a strong mental picture in the viewer’s mind. It should be understandable and picturesque when converted.


Video Book Trailer

After the finest reading bits are stockpiled, animation experts are called upon. Their skill and knowledge are used to develop an epic short film teaser/trailer for your book. The video should be targeted and short in length so it can be pleasing enough.


& Release

The final stage relates to the marketing aspect of the book trailer video. After creating the hype, the trailer is launched to achieve favorable outcomes, such as extending the reader’s base and increasing its online presence.

See What Our Clients Have To Say

We value the reviews from our clients and they give us the motivation and so much to learn and grow. Here is the feedback from some of our prestige clients.

Scottie Wallen

“After completing my book, I decided to hire someone who could edit it as I was only the writer and didn't have the expertise to edit it myself. I approached Green Leaf Publishers and hired them for this job. They are the masters of their craft. I am delighted with their work!”

Charles Phillips

“When it comes to revealing the storyline of a novel, an author's writing style is quite essential. This strategy is well-understood by the authors on Green Leaf Publishers. I'm having a good time reading the manuscript, and it's fascinating. ”

Edith Wheeler

“I wish I could have hired them last year. Their team created a stunning book video trailer, and they published the book on Amazon. I am glad to see the excellent results. Over 1500 copies sold out on Amazon in a month. I will hire them to write my next book for sure—10 out of 10. ”

Paul Bashir

“Thank You to the entire team of Green Leaf Publishers for producing my novella. I am outright in love with it.”

Wendy Sadler

“I wanted to get someone who could edit my books on short notice, but most of them were charging a lot of money which I couldn't afford. I found Green Leaf Publishers, and I instantly hired them because of their unique and attractive packages. ”

Nathan Clements

“One of the specialists that can make your ideas come true. The best part of their services is the easy transfer of rights. Thanks for the overall benefits. Especially, thanks to the writers for providing such a great piece of art. ”

Dale Casas

“I signed up with them and within a week. I was impressed with their past work done for the clients. Their team edited my first book and this time they have ghostwritten a book on my behalf. I have read the whole draft. It is flawless. Good job Green Leaf Publishers! ”

Neville Swaby

“I have been working with Ghost Writer publishing since October 2021 with Jonah, However since February, 2022, Adam was assigned to take over my project and i am very satisfied with Adam professionalism, routine follow up calls and texts and recommendation to make sure I understand where my projects are and to ensure my needs are covered.”

Rosalia Haas

“I will give 5 stars for their customer service. I had some issues in the last two chapters and their manager kept me in the loop all the time to get the finest content that I wanted. It is a great company to work with. I will hire you people in the future too. Hire them! ”

Zachary Lynch

“Green Leaf Publishers has a dedicated writing team, no doubt. My clients loved the articles. The first impression was great with the team. I am working on a new project of blogs and articles, and I will surely sign up with you people again. 100% recommended for ghostwriting services. ”

Jules Anong

“I write thriller genre usually and am known for it. I was attempting to compose a story with a horror and comedy fusion. Green Leaf Publishers assistance in that regard was amazing. I requested some amendments, and my assigned author was super nice to do for me. ”

Eoin Joseph

“I write romance novels but since my vacations were pre-planned, I could not complete the one I was working on. I got in touch with Green Leaf Publishers and asked them to complete the novel. They came up with a perfect ending for the novel, and my readers were in love with it. You guys are the best! ”